Everett League

The Everett YMCA is host to a year-round racquetball league that plays on Friday nights between 6 and 9pm. There are four league seasons per year, and the league seasons roughly follow school quarters. We offer five divisions: D, C, B, A, and Elite/Open. Ideally everyone gets to play one match per week, but we do have “free play weeks” when major tournaments in the area are likely to pull our members away. We also allow players to reschedule matches if a conflict comes up on any given night, as long as the matches are rescheduled before the match was originally scheduled to start.

The basic idea is to provide a competitive, fun environment for people to play racquetball in, improve their skills, and meet other racquetball players in the area.


Everett Family YMCA, 2720 Rockefeller Ave, Everett, WA 98201

League Rules

Last Updated November 29th, 2010

A. Membership

  1. Current YMCA membership with access to the Snohomish County YMCA system or a Non-Member participation waiver is required to participate in the league
  2. Contact information (either an email address or phone number) must be provided
  3. League members are required to conduct themselves as is appropriate for a family environment
  4. League membership is open to Men, Women, and teens over 14 years of age

B. Enrollment

  1. League enrollment for each season will be opened approximately one month prior to the start of each season
  2. Enrollment will close three days before the start of each league season
  3. Enrollment instructions will be posted both online and near the racquetball courts at the Everett YMCA
  4. Players will be placed in the most appropriate divisions based on player history with the league or an assessment of the players skill level if no player history is available.
  5. Players who won all matches played in their current division must move up to the next higher division.
  6. Players who did not win any matches played in their current division may move down if they wish.
  7. Forfeited matches are not included when evaluating rules B-5 and B-6.

C. Schedule

  1. League seasons are ideally scheduled to roughly correspond to with school quarters
  2. League seasons will last between 5 and 9 weeks, depending on the number of enrolled players in each division
  3. Schedules will be posted online a day before league play is actually scheduled to begin, and near the racquetball courts on the first night of league play
  4. All matches are scheduled on Friday nights between 6 and 9 pm
  5. Each match will be scheduled for 1 hour
  6. Each player will be scheduled for one match per week per division enrolled
  7. Players involved in each match can choose to play their match at an alternate time if both players agree to the new time and they notify the league manager of the change in schedule before the night when the match is scheduled
  8. Rescheduled matches much be completed before the last night of scheduled league play
  9. If a player doesn’t show up for a match within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, then the match will be forfeited to the other player

D. Match Play

  1. Matches will consist of the best two out of three games. The first two games are played to 15 points. The third game, if needed is played to 11 points
  2. Games only have to be won by one point. Games do not have to be won by two points
  3. During the course of the match, players will follow the rules of racquetball as described by the United States Racquetball Association Rulebook
  4. Players will referee their own matches. A referee can be designated if requested by the players participating in the match
  5. Safety equipment, specifically eye guards and the wrist lacer on the racquet, are required to be worn correctly at all times during a match
  6. Match results must be reported to the league manager by the last night night of scheduled league play

E. Rankings

  1. Rankings during the league season are determined by the number of matches won. In the event of a tie in the number of matches won, the procedure for determining the winner will be the one outlined in the USRA Rulebook
  2. Overall rankings for players are based on the ranking system as described on the Rankings webpage

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